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MarketID can support your destination

MarketID’s integrated marketing approach ensures your message reaches the right audiences in the ways that will make the most impact on the bottom line. From conducting a perception analysis about your destination and defining campaign themes to launching email blasts or live roadshows, we provide end-to-end marketing services that generate results.

We leverage a vast array of digital and traditional marketing tools on behalf of our clients. These include SEO efforts, targeted email blasts, social media engagement, as well as in-person activations, event promotions, and much more.

For clients targeting leisure travelers, we assist with developing consumer promotions and marketing campaigns while engaging travel agents and other travel-trade figures to amplify your message. For those looking to reach the business events market, we manage every element of familiarization and study missions (read more about our Events & Experiences), trade-show presence, and other outreach to meeting planners and decision makers.

Click on any of the services below to learn how MarketID can support your destination.

Sales & Lead Generation

Whether aiming to attract leisure travelers or business events to their destinations, MarketID takes a targeted, multipronged approach to generating, qualifying, and converting leads for its clients. While leveraging data-driven sales tools and digitally optimized promotions, we maintain that face-to-face interaction remains the most effective means to build long-term, high-value business relationships.

Our sales services include:
Lead generation

We work to identify potential business opportunities and leads from the North American market. Lead Reports provide detailed information on the decision makers, meeting history, status of the lead, and follow-up recommendations. Our transparency helps clients to build their database, manage RFPs, and ultimately win more business.

Sales calls
MarketID makes regular sales visits to key planners, travel advisors, and key decision makers. We make targeted sales calls based on the needs of the destinations and venues and our own knowledge of which individuals present the greatest potential ROI for the client.

MarketID provides monthly comprehensive reporting on all sales and marketing activities so that clients can effectively track KPIs and ROI. Reports on sales missions, sales calls, and other special activities are provided immediately upon the completion.

Sales missions & Roadshows

Sales missions allow the sales managers of destinations and venues to meet with a high number of qualified travel advisors, meeting planners, and tour operators over a concentrated period of time. More than simply a meeting with prospective clients, MarketID approaches these missions as targeted marketing campaigns, with pre- and post-meeting communications, giveaways, and presentations, as well as full follow-up on leads.

For destinations seeking to engage leisure travelers, we also help our clients to plan and execute marketing roadshows. These multicity tours provide a chance to connect with customers, prospects, and partners through presentations, immersive activities, and networking. We tailor these experiences to the client’s needs and target customers.

Brand Strategy

Public Relations & Advertising

To cut through the noise of today’s overloaded media environment, it’s critical to have a partner who knows how to get their audiences’ attention. We do just that by leveraging press relationships and market expertise to position our clients as thought leaders with exciting stories to tell.

MarketID leverages its long-standing relationships with leading media brands in the business and leisure travel trades, to ensure that your compelling stories get in front of meeting planners, travel advisors, and other influencers. These PR efforts reach across numerous channels, including digital, print, mobile, and social.

For any paid advertisements, MarketID can tap into our network of industry contacts to make recommendations on media plans to ensure any advertising spend stretches as far as possible.

Additionally, MarketID’s active social engagement efforts connect your message with key markets in personal and targeted ways, reaching your audiences where they are.

In-Market Representation


Smart marketing plans are built on a solid foundation of data. MarketID draws on its understanding of the travel industry and extensive, constantly updated database of qualified planners and travel advisors to produce valuable reports for our clients. Destinations get full access to this range of proprietary market intelligence, including our SneakPeek periodic newsletter, regular Market Pulse updates tracking the latest developments in leisure and business travel, live Market Update events, as well as our annual report on association trends.

For the corporate events market, we draw on our Zoho CRM  of thousands of active meeting planners to create custom reports. These drill down by market segment, industry, geolocation, and other variables to provide destinations with detailed information that will best help them target customers with the greatest potential for conversion.

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Events & Experiences

Trade Relations

MarketID understands how decisions are made in the travel trade industry and can help get your message to the key influencers, whether looking to reach tour operators, meeting planners, OTAs, wholesalers or otherwise.

We can also help cultivate your destination’s relationships with trade associations and other partners including third-party organization, tour operators, airlines and more. We help ensure you get the most from these connections and identify opportunities to leverage these partners for maximum exposure to the markets you seek to target.

Consulting & Special Projects

Digital Products

In today’s crowded digital landscape, it takes more than a flashy ad to connect with consumers and industry members. MarketID develops engaging digital experiences for its clients that provide substantive information in an attention-grabbing package. Our offerings include custom webinars for which MarketID sources the speakers, promotes the event and showcases your thought leadership on a custom topic. We ensure maximum engagement through pre- and post-event marketing, targeted registration questions for better lead generation, and even custom gifts sent to registrants.

We can also create virtual fam trips and media tours, presenting your destination to influencers and members of the press in a way that immerses them in the destination without requiring the expense and logistics of an in-person visit.

MarketID can also spotlight your destination on our World Lab podcast, where we discuss business strategies with thought leaders around the world.