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Avoid Event Food Waste with Too Good to Go

Launched in the US in the middle of the pandemic, Too Good to Go (TGTG) is an app that advocates against food waste. They aim to build a community of “Waster Warriors”, who save unsold food from ending up in the trash. Customers search on the app for bags (could be a mix of pastries, pizza slices, chicken – whatever the vendor has available) that they like, and they prepay for their goodies at a discounted price.

A third of all food produced for human consumption is wasted. The average event contributes 15-20% of waste from their F&B. Much needs to be done to solve this.

The usual partners of TGTG are restaurants, groceries, or delis. However, this does not mean that it stops there. Founded in Copenhagen, TGTG has a business model that could potentially service the meetings and events industry. Ultimately, supporting the industry’s goal of sustainability and helping our planet.

What do you think? Should the conversation on eliminating food waste start to include TGTG?