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Community-based Tourism Design

The tourism and hospitality industries have a massive impact on the communities they exist in. Although decimated by the Coronavirus pandemic, the travel industry is one of the world’s largest economic engines, and the largest contributor to global employment, with many facets and segments. Thus, the industry impacts communities in multiple ways– both positive and negative.

The latest episode of our World Lab podcast on Tourism and People-Centered Design features guest speaker Garance Choko, CEO of Coda Societies. Coda Societies shapes social and economic infrastructures to promote equity worldwide and drive the design and development of community-centered services. Garance adds “community-centered tourism is about being a beneficial part of the community ecosystem.”

Further, the structures of the tourism industry, from economic structures to physical spaces, must be people-centered. It is crucial to ensure that the local community is benefiting from tourism, economic benefits remain in the community and the culture is not adversely affected. Tourism infrastructure must be tailored to the specific community, considering local needs, priorities, and preferences.

Tourism can also support the local community by undertaking initiatives such as utilizing local vendors for events and opening spaces to community for educational opportunities, vaccination centers, workplaces, homeless shelters, just to name a few.

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