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Conferences: Communicating More than Economic Value

What are business events contributing to society? Is the value proposition communicated effectively? One of the most difficult aspects is to measure it.

Whether you’re a destination or a business event planner, tune in to the latest WorldLab podcast episode to hear:

  • Frameworks that build collaboration between the event and destination
  • Case study example of how 1 conference impacted the lives of over 1 million people
  • Why the concept of legacy is important
  • The difference between value create and value consumption
  • How an RFP’s requirements can lead to creation of legacy
  • The importance of “accidental collisions”

Hear directly from a few destinations on how they can help a business event create serendipitous moments and their outlook on the rest of 2022: Düsseldorf, Yucatán, Istanbul, and Colombia.

This episode’s guest speakers include James Latham, Founder of Intellectual Capitals; Benjamin Demuth, Business Development Manager at Düsseldorf Convention; Virginia Perez, General Director of Yucatán Meetings; Cemil Kilic, General Manager of Istanbul Convention and Visitors Bureau; and, Maria Ucros, Tourism Leader and Country Brand – Commercial Office of the Government of Colombia in Chile of PROCOLOMBIA.