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Global Events Visionary: Mr. Mike Ferreira

Gathering over 20 years of experience under his belt, from hotels to conference services, Mike Ferreira decided to start his own company to be apply everything he has learned about the meetings industry. With that, Meetings Made Easy (MME) was born.

Mike has been a key player, and we are thrilled to call him our latest Global Events Visionary. Read on to learn more about Mike, what he does as Founder/Owner of MME, and how critical it is be proactive, patient, and keep up with the times.

You named your firm Meetings Made Easy, a very appropriate name during disruptive times. What are the services your clients are now requesting to make their meetings easier? 

MF: The name comes from my network of clients. They always tell me and the rest of the team that we make meetings and events easy. We provide the following services for our clients anywhere around the globe: Hotel Site Selection, Hotel Contract Negotiation, Site Visit Coordination, Event Management, On-site Staffing, Registration Management, Housing Management, and Virtual/Hybrid Event Planning.

You are based in Las Vegas, the US meeting hub. I understand that business is coming back. What are the major changes you are witnessing on the ground? 

MF: Las Vegas is back and stronger than ever. It’s surreal to see how strong the demand is. We are sourcing for groups out to 2030 now. Hotel compression is profound, and we are telling clients to contract their events 2-3 years out farther than they usually would.

A highlight you shared about Meetings Made Easy is having a strong social media team. How critical is this tool when it comes to meetings and events? How should destinations use social media to speak to the meetings community?

MF: On average, an individual looks at their smartphone five hours a day. Out of the five, two hours are spent on social media. We understand that marketing is vital to any organization. We prefer to market ourselves through social media because we can express who we are the easiest. It’s amazing!

Covid has disrupted our industry, or maybe has accelerated changes that were slowly coming. In this new environment, if you had one advice to share with planners looking to source internationally, what would it be? 

MF: When it comes to sourcing events, I would advise an Event Planner to look 2-3 years in the future.  The situation is different from what it was in 2019. To contract the destination/hotel that you really want, you must be proactive and source further out. In addition, please be patient with the industry. There is a shortage of staff, but we will get there.

Please share any tips or recommendations on how to be successful and stand out today (without revealing all your secrets). 

MF: I am not sure how many people realize that they are brands. Putting yourself out there is the key to standing out in today’s market. Everyone can be heard on LinkedIn. Never underestimate the power of sharing insights, thoughts, or advice. You can accomplish amazing things if you market yourself, your company, or your services!

Follow Mike on LinkedIn and Instagram to connect with him and pick up tips on how to brand yourself.