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Global Events Visionary: Ms. Shay Farmer

When you think of someone that is well-rounded in experience and knowledge in the meetings and events industry, Ms. Shay Farmer would be an absolute example. Her many years in the industry contribute to Shay being curious, supportive of industry colleagues, and passionate – all of which are what makes a Global Events Visionary (GEV).

Read more on our chat with Shay below about establishing relationships, maximizing your resources, and being involved.

When it comes to understanding meetings, your experience proves that you truly do – having been in the catering, conference space, airline, and hotel sides. Being a third-party meeting planner allows you to marry all the knowledge you have gathered to offer the best experience to your current and future clients. What are your recommendations to work efficiently with the different stakeholders and vendors when planning an event?

SF: This is industry is all about relationships. Be respectful and understand that you may need a favor one day, so treat everyone with kindness and grace. Provide detailed and transparent information to set your partners up for success.

The meetings and events industry is all about people. We also believe in the value of personal contact with decision makers such as you. How do you suggest we maintain and nurture contact with you without being disruptive?

SF: I enjoy attending industry-organized events (including MarketID’s!) and interacting face-to-face with destination experts, feeling the passion they bring to their role. Email newsletters are very helpful, and I store them for future reference.

MarketID values SITE as an industry partner, and we know that you are heavily involved with the Minnesota chapter. What are the benefits of being part of a leading industry association?

SF: The benefits to being a SITE member and chapter board member are vast. The connections made through this network reach across the globe, making me feel as though, no matter where I travel, I’ll have a SITE family member to give me advice and recommendations. These connections broaden my industry knowledge and relationships making me a better resource for my colleagues and clients.

If you have one advice to give to planners of international events, what would it be? 

SF: Use your resources. There are a wealth of services available when planning international events, from convention and visitor bureaus to VAT reclaim organizations, DMCs and hotels. Your industry colleagues are also your resources – you may not be able to travel everywhere, but you probably know someone who has.