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Panama, a destination closer to home

In times where travel is still in question for some, going closer to home seems to be a popular option. According to the 2022 Incentive Travel Index, where 1,417 North American meeting professionals were surveyed, 24% of more buyers are looking at Central American destinations than they were in 2019. While decreasing distance of travel and increasing resort use, buyers are still looking for new destinations they haven’t visited before.

With direct flights from 89 cities worldwide, including more than 15 from the United States, Panama is the best-connected destination in Latin America. A quick 5-hour flight from New York or under 7-hour flight from Los Angeles and you can find yourself in Panama, a wonderfully unique destination with plenty to explore.

Perfect for both work and play with 20,000 rooms ranging between 5-star hotels, to all-inclusive resorts or small boutique hotels there is a plethora of options for any group. Rewarding exploration, the Visit Panama team offers many on-site event incentive & support for groups of 100+ guests (50% international participants) or 10-100 guests (75% international participants).

Exclusively, the only country in the world where you can watch the sun rise over the Atlantic Ocean and watch it set over the Pacific Ocean. Get your adrenaline rush with ziplining across mountain tops, relax and soak in the sun on one of the 1,400 islands or take your taste buds on a ride with the incredible local gastronomy that is to die for. Not to mention the lively culture including 7 indigenous tribes which can be visited without disturbing their natural habitat.

Panama, where you live for more!