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Global Events Visionary: Mr. Terry Torok

A Visionary is a change agent. They find purpose in the work they do and continuously inspired by investing in a sustainable future. Terry is the definition of a Visionary.

Terry began his career in combining creativity and brand strategy to institute change globally. In his current role as the Chief Innovation Officer at Enactus, the world’s largest experiential learning platform dedicated to creating the next gen entrepreneurial leaders and social innovators, Terry brings a wealth of experience, passion, and innovation to his global events.

Terry believes in “passion on purpose.” So, we are delighted to induct Terry into our Global Events Visionary list of impactful global leaders. Amid a mountain hike and planning his next World Enactus Cup, Terry shared his thoughts on how he’s been able to adapt during these challenging times.

JN: The importance of strategic partnerships in our industry is key. What are some takeaways you’ve learned in the last year?

TT: Good and fun people that you want to be with and work with makes all the difference in partnerships. If we are not enjoying what we are doing in the world, then what in the world are we doing here?

In challenges that covid brought us, Marketing Challenges International remained an important strategic partner.  They were completely understanding and supportive as we all had to reimagine travel and the new hybrid events and opportunities we now have. I see MCIntl as an extension of my team- and reminds me of the Margaret Mead quote I live by – “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

JN: Thank you Terry! We are delighted to be of service. In selecting destinations, building relationships with key partners is crucial. How has this benefited your global events?

TT: I work on three parts of the travel spectrum, discreet individuals and families who are on philanthropic journeys, adventure filmmakers and young travelers who are seeking opportunities to experience deeper connections and explore more meaningful careers and lifestyles. At the center of this travel is earning and maintaining TRUST. No matter where I am in the world, I need to be a good neighbor and be amongst true and trusted friends. The earned values of Trust & Integrity, allow us to have fun and push ourselves to the far edges of exploring the planet and ourselves.

A good partnership is like a true friend, someone you would trust to take you somewhere new and exciting. Whether a small intimate event or a larger ideation destination, from trust, we can be wildly creative and design a memorable experience that can turn strangers into friends for life.

At our annual Enactus World Cup, young leaders present projects that change the world for good. It’s a global competition, collaboration and celebration of great work and passion on purpose!  If you are reading this, you should be our guest and register for free here.

JN: What were some advice you shared with your team as you navigated this crisis?

TT: Take the opportunity of Covid to be more Human Kind.  Don’t waste time descending into what divides. Get active, rise up and co-create something great together, turn an “event” into an “experience”. Explore more what unites us and makes us our own unique story. Explore sustainable travel that creates a positive impact for people, planet and prosperity.

JN: Other key advice to share with change agents/global innovators like yourself?

TT: I work with amazing innovators, creators, film-makers, global citizens and young rebels with a cause– taking a journey of passion on purpose is a great way to explore the far reaches of our world. Travel to the sweet places on earth where the cacao in your chocolate comes from or wake up to where the bean in your coffee originates from and everything will taste better.

The quiet corners of the planet holds the recipes for a more fulfilling life experience. Why hold to the “pursuit of happiness” when you can enjoy “the happiness of pursuit” right here right now ~ live from earth.